Softballs and Bull Riders

We sat in the van just outside the gas station tired and hung over from the last two nights of non stop adrenaline rush of parting. This was the last night then it would be back to returning to the real world. Checking our supplies we had two 16 oz beers and one mushroom left. A quick game of rock, paper scissors to see you gets the stem and who gets the cap we washed them down with the beers and then disposed of any evidence in the trash can next to the gas pump.

Off we were driving up the twisted road to a little town that we heard was having a party. Half way up things were looking good for me everything around was getting a nice little glow to it and I could feel my grin stretching out my cheek muscles. Pulling into town we find a nice little parking spot under a tree and next to a picnic table. Perfect we think we will party down and just sleep here then leave in the morning to head home.


We roll into a biker bar and order a few beers and a few shots. Not really our style so we cash out and head down the street. We could hear the music coming from inside and looked like the place was starting to get packed. Luckily we got in and found a table before it really filled up. Then it hit me I was happy as could be but also catatonic as they come. I really could no longer talk just sit there smiling. My partner would get the drinks for me and I would consume them. This night was a rare one in the town was a big softball tournament and a Rodeo and it seemed nobody but me was happy.

In my non communicating state of mind I really was loving life just could not express it. I even had this girl come sit on my lap with a round of shot. I was able to do the shots with her but I don’t think i was able to say one word to her. Soon she disappeared and I was left on my own but not for long soon another lady sat down and had a few beers with us. I remember that she was deaf and telling us all about where she lived and so on and so on. Then out of the blue she asked if we wanted to have sex. I do remember that I was able to get the word No out of my mouth and soon I was left alone again watching the action starting to brew.

The bouncers were getting busy. Turns out softball players and bull riders don’t mix well. Soon tables were being busted and beer bottles were flying through the air and there I sat laughing. I still could not move but was just in heaven in this atmosphere. Beer bottles flipping threw the air with beer pouring out, tables busting, punches flying and bouncers rapidly trying to restore the peace. As soon as one fight would end it seemed that another one would breakout.

Soon it was over 2am we were being asked to leave I was starting my return to the living even able to say a few words by now. As I get down to the street a girl jumps out of some car and jumps in my arms it was the same girl who sat on my lap. She said something to me and jump back into the car and drove off.

Now things got bad instead of sticking to our game plan of sleeping where the car was parked we figured that we could shave off a few hours if we drive back down the road and sleep at the park we stayed at the other night. My friend said he was ok to drive and I did not think to question. At this point in my life I really did not care about driving as long as I was not the one driving. So we take off and soon after we get out of town I start to notice that we are not staying in the lines. I say something to him but he insisted that he was ok. Again we cross the center line and I ask you sure you ok and again he responds. But I knew this was not good and just about the time I got my seat belt buckled the van left the road and in the ditch it turned us sideways back on to the road where we started to roll.

I remember my partner at one point was sitting on my lap and then in a flash he was gone. The car continued to roll and each one I hit my heat on the roof of the car. Just when i thought I could not handle it anymore the van came to a stop. I figure we rolled about four times and one of those was end over end. I don’t know if I was knocked out or not but I remember reaching over to turn the car off thinking it might blow up. That is when I noticed my partner was no longer in the vehicle. van2

I am going to end this with saying that we both survived. This was a turning point for me in life.


2 thoughts on “Softballs and Bull Riders

  1. Do we know each other? Good story. Shit can (and will) go sideways while partaking. Glad you were okay. Take care.


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