Mosquito Circus Almost Killed A Clown | The Daily Post

Up early today heading to physical therapy when I crossed over the bridge. Sun was bright and reflections of the trees were right, also there was still a light fog over the water.

Picture perfect I thought as I swerved across two lanes to make the drive way down towards the river. Lucky no cars were beside me for I was a little slow on head checking.  I was running out of time though so I had to move quick.

Slamming the car into park I jump out with my point and shoot to get what I can. But the trees had leaves so it was hard to get the picture that I seen from above. Then I spotted a little trail that ran right to the water’s edge between the trees and small grass. Getting to the end I crouched down and started to shoot the pictures.

That is when I notice that I walked right into the middle of Mosquito Circus, and they were hungry. The sky around me turned black as these little blood suckers embellished themselves on my sweet blood. I had become the buffet for the entire circus.

Greedy like I am I still tried to get a few pictures but was over taken by the lion taming section of mosquitos, these guy’s were the size of quarters and could take a half pint out in seconds. That was it the pictures were not worth taking I instantly jumped up and started slapping myself silly.

With the rapid blood loss I did not even notice that I ran past my car. I just kept running slapping these quarter size vultures off me. I must have run into traffic for I was struck by a car and sent spinning though the air like a trapeze artist.

In the Hospital I awoke to see they were pumping blood back into my system. shaking and shocked I was covered with welts. Dr’s figured hives and looked at me crazy when I screamed bite. Then I seen though the window that ring leader circus mosquito. Crazed from confusion I jumped out of bed and screamed from the top of my lungs “MOSQUITO CIRCUS RUN”.

I felt the shot in the neck and it was to the padded room I went to sit and listen to mosquito’s buzzing in my head.

Thanks to the Orkin web page for my Mosquito picture

via Circus | The Daily Post


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