The Day Before I Left to Change My Life

There I was sitting in a bar drinking and purchasing round after round. It was slow so far so I was buying drinks for the staff. Partying on is what we did. My designated driver had more life to live so I assured him that I would be ok. He departed I joined in another round.

Life was good I had no plans to find my way home it did not matter much. I was leaving in a day to Thailand to spit that Mack daddy game to my soul mate. So why care why go home live life to the fullest.

And the day went on drinks after drinks round after rounds. Meeting that day friends for life, that were never to be seen again. Then out of the blue came in my best friend and why wouldn’t he? He was hanging with the night bartender of the place I was aggressively drinking at.

Wow life was good let’s do shot, again and again and again we did them. food was abundant but fire was fill why put it out or slow down the show. We laughed we loved, we danced around jokes created laughter the shook the walls with sonic sounds. Shots and shots we did. Let’s have another round.

Leaving was easy for it was my car outside, borrowed by my friend that seemed just in time. Still laughing and joking we took off. Driving conversation became serious yet I don’t know of what. But we talked and talked until I looked up.

“Hey You Plan On Hitting The Brakes” I did state. But it was wet and tires where slick it was just a slight screech that could be heard. I seen him turn but the car flew straight. It was just a light pole that ended our date.

“Oh shit I’m sorry” he did say as I responded “F**k sorry we got to go” and that we did down the hill looking out the windows as the tires scraped. Parked the car and Cops flew by, down the alley we ran. It was time to be gone.

Stopped at the hammer and closed it down. Laughed a lot as we told the tales, but was nothing better than the black eye given to the driver. I caught my flight and possibly changed my life. But I love my friends, just hope I don’t have to do it again.april 016 (1)

Mad I loved that car might look plain but was built like a beast. possibly why we still run around in peace.


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