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Not recently but a few years back I would stick in the ear buds and crank up Downset song Anger, the blood would instantly start rushing mixed with adrenaline flowing and a whole bunch of positive thoughts and saying the start with F and end with Ya. I would proceed to lay flat on my back and attempt to lift as much weight as I could possibly handle. Upon success of fail I would instantly go back to a regular state of mind until the next action took place.

This is just an example of using anger to boost yourself to push harder and try more. The gift of Anger I would call it. I myself did not figure this out on my own. I believe bands like Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine, NWA, Downset, Slayer, Too Short, Body Count and Ministry started to shape this positive anger in me. Singer Songwriters like Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, RZA, ICE CUBE, Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, Ice T and John Prine refined the word anger and taught me that you can use anger in positive without getting the Angry feelings. Shall we say Angry Love, maybe not.

So now I feel like some sort of master in  Angry fashion but that is not true. I am just a normal learned to stand on my hind legs kind of human being that has many angry day’s. I just feel like I can understand my anger and cool it fairly quick. Like when a car cuts you off on the road I start to feel the angry face emerge but quickly I scan the memory banks and realize the moment that I possibly did the same thing and think karma maybe testing me.

Lucky for me drinking beer always makes me happy, I am not an angry drunk. So if the day feels like it’s going to be a bad kind of funk I just have a few beers and laugh it away (Not to be used while working). I really can’t offer any help to others though. You need to figure yourself out spend time understanding you and your feelings. Don’t get caught in the commercial greed, me first kind of thing, or cower to someone else’s needs.

Just have fun while making it fun for others around you. Whatever you do. Do not take advice from me! It could make you Angry.

Ok, I was kinda challenged to find an Angry picture then I seen the Beer can picture. Kid Rock’s brewery so he channeled his Anger and figured it is close as I am going to get to a picture that suites the word. Plus I am out of blogging time till the twins nap.

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