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Purpose when I think about it can deflate my sails. I like to just drift and do things because I feel like doing them. I work because I crave steady income so it has a purpose. But when I just drift around without purpose I feel I am in the best of comfort zone. Yet today I was trying to accomplish a few things while taking care of the twins (more like them taking care of me but I like to think I am in charge) and I started to think what I could write about for purpose then I started to question my actions for trying to get a few things done and then of course I just left the store and returned to my drifting lifestyle between work days.

So I guess I live without purpose, of course that can’t be true other wise why life. I live to have fun! Yes, I have a purpose.

Ok let’s get on with that purpose no really I should have left this one alone it’s too big for my little brain. Everything has a purpose just like everything happens for a reason. I see it’s going to be a breakout the blender and make Margarita’s kind of day. See even the blender now has a purpose as does the Margarita. I do believe the Margarita will serve a better purpose starting now.

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4 thoughts on “Purpose | The Daily Post

  1. you wrote: “when I just drift around without purpose I feel I am in the best of comfort zone” – this is what life is about, the mind stops and we become one with everything, we let ourselves to be led by life 🙂

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