When The Sky Comes Calling | The Daily Post

You ever have that feeling that the sky is tempting you to keep moving forward, whether you are walking, running, riding or driving? When the sky looks so magnificent that reversing directions would deflate all cause.

The Sky itself could be the start of the travel bug in use. Some trips are planned out months in advance so I would not be able to prove the sky influenced this. But you know the day when you step into the yard and are about ready to fire up the lawn mower (or whatever) and you just put it away.

Toss everything aside and hop in the car and just head out in what the sky say’s is the prettiest. Just drive and drive following the picture before you. Have you ever drove at night with your headlights off because the sky let the moon shine so bright? I used to in Nevada the refection off the ground from the moon made everything so bright.

What if you did not go for a drive? What if you just stayed home? The sky can still guide you if you just lay down or look up and watch those fluffy clouds float on by. Even a storm rolling in can be a thrill to watch but probably better if indoor for you could get a shock from the sky above.

How you enjoy it is up to you. If you need an uplift in your life just look to the sky. Even a grey day can show hope and life as it is all up in this massive sky. Or just listen to music the Sky helped write a few.


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