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In many ways I am connected. Cable, Internet, Cell Phone, Computers and Email. Very seldom (except holidays) do I receive a letter in the mail. The one that you sit in the chair and open the envelope pull out the folded paper and while reading you can vision your friends or family members telling the story.

Before my time mail was one of the greatest forms of being connected with friends and family, yet it may take months to receive the letter and replying to it could be a few months more. But these letters contained news adventure sadness and other feelings that are truly  being lost in our technology. Though by the time people received them things may have changed and it would still be months ahead before that would be know.

Just think about the Pony Express hightailing it across the country with sacks of letters and anyone receiving one was anxious to read it or have someone read it. Even share with the neighbors miles away.

Scan 46
Old Pony Express station in Nevada

Now days the mail is mostly junk that is tossed as soon as it arrive and notes are sent in seconds but info is minimal and adventure is none. Visions of tales have almost all gone away, except for the loyal blogger who gets about a day before the story is lost into a search engine with no sight. Will there be a day that people can again see past the TV? I hope so because watching people stare at their phone is not my kind of fun.

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