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Standing on the river’s edge and everything seems peaceful and simple. Of course this doesn’t apply to every river thinking about Powell’s expedition down the Colorado river was anything but simple.

Yet where I stood on the rivers edge would have been the place to sit all day and watch things float, fly, drift and swim by. Simplicity flowing currents that stimulate relaxation in my innerself.

This may have been how the day started, but soon it was inturupted by reality and people complaining amoungst one another about their shift schedule. My suggestion to take charge and change things to work definatly black balled me from having beers with this group later in the day. When I said I don’t get caught up in negative gossip I possibly though they would tar and feather me.

Soon after I was able to return to my own world and enjoy life in it’s simplicty flowing style that is meant for everyone who can find it. If you don’t like something than change it. If you can’t change it get help. If no one will help you it might be because you really don’t want to change. Just don’t complain about it!

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