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Not sure if I can remember all of the things that have formed me into who I am today but what the heck let’s give it a try. I myself was born just big enough to not fit into a gunny sack or I am sure that I would have been tossed out the car. Yet lucky for me I grew to protect others.

There was a lot of change going on new generations taking over the old and war was raging in all directions. Lawmakers were steady creating new laws to control the crowds of humans that realized life should be for living not making rich people richer. They were threatening to make all good drugs illegal and create new ones that would tame the wild beast in us by hypnotizing us with television and future portable electronics that will have a wasting effect on our mind making it possible to enjoy miserable working society.

My parent’s fearing for me to turn out the way They wanted us to hide me in a cave with loads of musical instrument and later when I could stand on my hind legs they brought records of the greats who defied society’s rules and mysteriously disappeared when their success became to inspiring to the public.

As I grew into the great beast that I am today I realized that I have super powers to resist negativity and also was blessed with mad baby making skills to ensure that an army of negativity fighters will emerge to free the wold of corporate greed, malicious bankers and humans that want to hurt humans.

Oh did I mention I have baby making skill?


via Origin Story | The Daily Post


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