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Everyone struggles in some shape or form everyday of their life. The problem is who judges if it’s an actual struggle. Nothing is easy! I don’t mean to sound negative about this for I am not things happen it’s how you deal with it is your choice. Usually with little effort you can overcome minor struggles in a hurry. Major struggles may take a bit more time but creating a plan and possibly a budget time will pass the struggle.

Still though there is the struggle that nothing can cure and only people with it can understand. Drug addiction is really a mental choice yet it can be a struggle to get away from but it goes to mental wants and plan or change in environment. In my opinion if you are breathing, healthy, positive, open and honest and able to eat then if you feel like your struggling maybe you just need to evaluate the game you are in.

By change you are living the negative route well struggle may be your best friend. That game is for you to change. Try not cutting corners to get ahead like parking in Handicap parking spots when you to lazy to walk. Handicap is a struggle that can’t go away for anyone who deals with it.

Just my two cent’s hopefully it will not send you into a struggle


via Struggle | The Daily Post

Picture from Art Prize Grand Rapids


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