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Standing in the sand on Michigan’s west coast with a slight fog blending out with the water. Making it impossible for the pier-head to be seen. My mind spinning a bit for I passed up that shot.

Stopping at the wooden castle park so the kids could run around and play enjoying themselves. Knowing that just down the street is a building I have been meaning to return to and take more picture and again I drove on by.IMG_5425

Railroad bridge open I know where to go for the picture and yet I kept driving.IMG_5016

At the beach daughters walking to the lake looking like best friends wanting to go to the car and finally break out the camera. But again I held back today was family day and sometime taking picture get’s in the way so I just let them go.

This did not feel natural to me but in a way it’s more natural than ever, just flowing with life and not getting caught in the picture. naturally I can’t promise this for every family day.

Please enjoy my pre posted pictures again.

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