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It depends on the mood how I feel about the City. I have had love hate relations with the city. Though after everything I could not be happy without the city.

Its driving in and starting an adventure. Or the always amazing lights at night. Window reflections of the skyline and of course the food. One of the funniest times in my life was living in the city. Walking every where and eating and drinking as I pleased.

It’s the concerts, shows, clubs and bars in the city that bring the city to life at night. Morning coffee with a bite to start right. Street vendors and roach coaches to burn through the day. Then diner and drinks with friends just to do it over again.

Today I live just outside a small city. Not much traffic and easy to get around. But not quite as adventurous as the big, big city’s.  Yet if I need to go big Chicago and Detroit are close enough to get what I crave.

As much as I love my city for fun it’s the solitude of the country that temps me more the privacy and slower pace. But as I sit outside the city I’m always planning a return trip. Stop get a beer, say high to friend, eat, laugh and return home.

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