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Seems to be the story of my life as I walk in and out of the garage wondering why the hell I went there in the first place. Standing with the sun beating down on me trying to figure out what I was doing and what I needed. Possibly even holding it in my hand and still wondering what my intentions were to do with it.

Kind of feel I spent many aimless years traveling around and having fun but not progressing forward with life. Of course things have changed and that is why I walk in and out of a house now wondering what i was doing. Instead of driving for days with no destination planned.

Grocery stores often give me that aimless feeling as I for some reason have to stroll every aisle to see what may temp me and forgetting all the things that I was sent to get from the store in the first place. Strangely this usually takes place in the beverage aisle

I can’t complain though for its alway’s exciting to fly without a schedule yet your accomplishments for the day may not go farther that finishing off a 12 pack of beer three states away.

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