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Records, reel to reel, eight track, cassette tapes cd’s dvd’s, blue ray’s, digital downloads and the cloud. 45 years (my life span) of technology that has mad life easy, clearer and instant. Is it better?

Not so sure if I would be listen to the latest and greatest on the reel to reel, cassette or eight track and the machine ate the tape I would be aggravated and possibly if in a car pulled to the side of the road  trying to retrieve it from the player without tearing it so I could carefully whined it back up and start over. The whole time my kids get an education on curse words and how to make them sound great.

If that incident happened at home I would do the same thing except if I ripped the tape I could use scotch tape to make a repair. Usually you became good enough at this that you would barely be able to tell when playing back.

I will have to say that I fell in love with the CD’s and it shows with the stacks of them I have in a room but soon they all were loaded into Itunes and the cloud. Now they sit in boxes never getting touched and I can’t tell you the name of my favorite songs because I never look anymore.

Digital being so easy and good is almost a bit fake in a way. Any one can make a song these days but not do the training to really make it good. Then send it out over the net and possibly become a star. I would go back to Analog any day if it would mean that reality TV could not exist. Even though I use technology I believe that it is hurting society as a whole making wanting come before earning. Kind of like throwing a party with no money.

Don’t get me wrong I want easy stuff to I just don’t mind earning it and again I will say I totally use digital stuff. Digital in industry actually can save lives and gather cost saving information. Camera’s are so convenient not to deal with film even though I miss film sometimes. It’s just seeing what kid’s think is important today seems to be the same rectangle box that can’t leave their parents sight.

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