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I was thinking what I would write about perfection because I do not consider myself a perfectionist. I am accurate when needed but perfection is stress in my world.

Then I passed a Doe and just in the trees stood her three fawns with their spots still on and I thought Wow that is perfection in my world.

Arriving at home my daughters had their father day card they drew and could not wait to give them to me. Again that is perfection. I believe I live a simple life and I guess in a way it’s in perfection. Even though we have a few bumps in the road.

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4 thoughts on “Perfection | The Daily Post

  1. A great thought. How frequently in our quest for perfectionism do we actually have to make mistakes. But that rare perfect day or find, is also accidental and sometimes in a craft, the mistake looks better than the intention. Being in earshot of an unexpected comment can be a life changing few seconds. Perhaps being prepared to be more fluid and changing what we see as perfect, is the secret to recognising the world can be a perfect place. Being a perfectionist can be my own frequent demon, so thanks for making mew think about it!

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  2. I think Ron, you have hit the head on the nail. I enjoyed Ethicalartisans comment. Great way to look at things. Search for your perfection in simple things though as perfection can drive you crazy.

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