Tourist | The Daily Post

By no means am I a seasoned traveler, yet I have been around. No matter how I handle myself I remain a tourist.

Some of this is because I want to see the history of certain things and naturally I am not alone in this. These spots become tourist spots. Yes the ones I try to stay away from but if you want to see something you have to venture into.

I do not try to spread my beliefs while traveling around. Instead I try to understand the beliefs of those around me. Take in a new culture or understand how people feel.

I eat in the area’s that you are warned about, I seem to visit place that we were told not to go and participate in things that they said we shouldn’t. Only for the fact that I will not let someone decide for me what is right and wrong.

“I’m a grown ass man! Don’t tell me where I can and can’t go! I’ll go where I want to!

So to say the least I have not been on the cruise ship that stops in the port and all the shops are supplied by the cruise ship. What you don’t think they haul freight too. This is not me saying I will never take a cruise, it’s just an adventure that is  way down the list. I feel that life style is not for me. And if I wanted to cruise I believe it would be better on a small boat with a few friends having to take care of ourselves.

We are all tourist I guess once we leave our house so remember to enjoy your surroundings.


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