Exhausted It Seems

Exhausted again? What the hell!

beginning of June I decided to stop drinking coffee like I do every year during the summer. For me hot weather and hot liquids don’t mix as good seems I am always hot while working.

Well it must be the reason that I am tired all the time. If I would just splurge and drink a cup off coffee I am sure I could function like normal humans do. But as for now it seem I what to nap.

IMG_6293Could it be landscaping the flower beds, moving rock, splitting wood and mowing lawns that is wearing me down. I highly doubt this for I do it all the time. It has to be the coffee.

Could it be my age? Can’t feel my hands after a days work need Ibuprofin just to function. Yet I feel nothing out of the ordinary.

Maybe I drank too much the night before. Probably not I drink too much every night should feel normal. Maybe the coffee was helping me kick start back into full tilt and without it I am worthless.

Maybe I should just try other things to get me amped up. Yet energy drinks are expensive and well not necessarily healthy plus it seem if you are going to go expensive why not use cocaine or speed. Oh yeah illegal. Another benefit of the Java.

Could just drink cold coffee but never been a fan of it. I know you can doctor it up and add thing to make it great but that is not for me. I like black coffee (strong black coffee).

Maybe when I get up from my nap I will purchase some coffee to drink.

Of course life is good when your lazy too. Just don’t want to sit through my summer.


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