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I would say that it is pleasure that drives us to try. Who in their right mind would try something if pleasure was not in the end result. Of course some times pleasure can not be reached and that can change the mood to keep trying. I myself always look for pleasure as it come in many forms for me. Even though I usually have to experience frustration along the way to pleasure paradise.

Things that bring me pleasure are listed in the following groups.

Sun, Moon and Stars. On the rare night you see the northern lights would be extremely pleasurable.

Camera and being in a spot that makes you want to use it.

Loud music, beer stage diving and not getting kicked out of the show. Getting kicked out does have pleasure moments too.

Family, friends and cool acquaintances just hanging out and enjoying the moment.

Late nights, bars, shots and laughing

Country, camping in solitude getting away from society.

Travel, adventure, hotels, road trips and things that keep you awake.

Home relaxing movie night with the family. Usually happens more in the winter.

bon fires and beer. Cooking outside.

Growing garden and taking care of the yard.

Not working even though I enjoy my job.



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