Fly’s On The 4th | 6 Mile Canyon

I do not know if I can write this story and do it any kind of justice. I have no picture, no evidence and well no proof. And this night could be considered a normal day.

IMG_5337First introduction was on the 4th of July in the late 1900s (just like to say that because I can) riding up the mountain in a truck on a dirt road almost right to the back door. Years after I always parked right at the back door but it was packed tonight. Walking in the place and the bar itself was lined with guys wearing their guns. I knew at this point it was trouble I also knew I was hooked and would be here often, very often.

Sign on the wall stated the occupancy for the establishment but I am certain that it was double. the back deck that we all stood on was swaying from the weight. Nobody seemed to mind we just swelled our drinks one after another waiting for the fireworks to start.

Firework show itself was one that I had never seen before and probably would never see again. The weather was hot and the land was dry and they started to light off the fireworks they would catch the grass on fire. Volunteer firemen were right there to tackle the flames, of course we stood on the deck and cheered. The second that the flames were doused the show started again. Now being well past dark two or three fireworks shot in the air again catching the grass on fire, but this time it could not be extinguished.

The wind picked up and fire spread quickly through the grass growing on the hundred plus year tailing piles from the mines. Quickly moving into the temporary parking lot for spectators who came to watch the show. Suddenly as we are all cheering watching cars burn people around me started to realize that it was their cars going up in flames cheers started to turn into screams and people crying. I myself parked up by the jail ironically being the safest place to park when you are going to get tore up.

IMG_5336At this point the show was cancelled and people were leaving or at least attempting to leave if they still had a car to leave in. We moved inside having a few more shots with the gun wearing patrons and building a friendship with the bartenders. This was only the first night of many nights to come.

As we left driving past a row of cars still smoldering  to the dirt canyon road home. Only to blend some margarita to enjoy the sun rise.


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