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“I solumly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and blah, blah, blah” was the opening line in the court room. Finally I was going to have my chance to state my case.

“Well you see what had happened is” was the opening sentence to the court room. “In all actuality I can see why the police thought I was running”. Another game changing statement starter. “It’s Just a misunderstanding”. Clinching the final statement to the courtroom. “You may step down” the judge replied.

I left the stand and walked passed the jury with confidence back to my seat next to my number one favorite attorney.

It was not until Mr. Policeman took the stand started to talk that I realized that my answers were false. Too late now I thought to myself. If I say anything they could add lying in court to my list of accused charges.

What the officer was saying was ringing a bell, sparking the memory banks and sure enough seemed like it had happened that way. Almost humorous that I forgot about that part.

Judge just dismissed the case. Sorry folks I got to get back on the street side before anything changes.

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