Still At The Blog

I have been meaning to update my blogging status for a month or so now but been pretty busy in life. Today 92 degree’s so sitting in an air condition house after splitting firewood seem like a great time to share my blogging life.

Only for a moment though it is beer brewing day with friends and camp fire with the kids later.

Since returning to work I was having a tough time keeping up with blogging and family often skipping some of the daily post and combining them later in the week. Taking pictures has been less also but I still manage to get a few.

Mostly what had saved me is I wrote a lot of post and spread them out into next year. Not my favorite way to blog but seems to help keep me motivated. Even though I enjoy the spontaneous feeling of posting right away after I write something scheduling them keeps me focused and creative trying new idea’s.

Mostly keeping the daily post to my odd ball random thinking that usually I try to type as far away from what I really would be thinking. Using poems in new for me but work when I am in a hurry. Usually I wish that I had more time but summer is busy and that is a good thing. Soon it will be super cold and I am sure my time blogging will increase.

Life is good. And my fellow bloggers make life better. You help me think, create, change and challenge myself. No matter what blogging clears my head for the better.


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