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Usually I take the time to pick up all the glass if a bottle breaks in the yard. Even to a point of using a vacuum. Yes, I am obsessed with being able to not wear shoes in my yard. All sharp things must go.

Playing in the river as a kid I stepped on a beer bottle and sliced up my foot pretty good so I would say my opinion of glass on the ground is a true one. Glass itself is not a bad thing. To me it is fascinating how it can be shaped and used to create art.

Nature itself creates glass such as after a lightning strike in the sand. But most defiantly man owns the glass creating good and bad. I heard that there are plates of glass in the desert from testing nuclear bombs.IMG_0116

Part of my fascination with any city is the glass in the structures. Old or new they both deliver character that creates excitement that makes me take pictures.

Mason Jars maybe the most useful form of glass around my house, but cocktail, wine and shot glasses are maybe the fanciest around the place. Even though I do sometimes just drink out of a mason jar I usually try to stick with the intended glass. I never really get into a wine if it is just in a regular glass. Something about not being able to swirl it around I guess.

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