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I could feel the temperature drop rapidly as the dark black clouds rolled in. I was walking home, car ran out of gas about 3 miles back and I had about 3 miles to go. I can’t believe I did not check the gas gauge just drove up to get a bit to eat and did not even think to bring a jacket.

As the wind picked up I could feel it cut right through my shirt instantly chilling me as my hands started to sting from the cold. Then the golf ball size hail fell shattering everything around me with no form of shelter in site I took to running covering my head with my hands but could feel the welts starting to grow upon me. Cold and colder I was.

Strangely enough must have been the running I was warming up, the hail itself downsized to a sleet and wind doubled in speed the tips of my fingers were rapidly becoming numb. It felt as I was beat down by a baseball bat.  Yet again I felt hot even removed my shirt as I kept running.

Now came the snow blinding as it was thick and slippery as I tripped and fell. Busting my head as I hit the ground not sure how long I laid before I came back around. But the ground was white and I was hot though I could not move or even fight.

Damn this storm I think it won. Hope they find my bones before the wolves come.

via Storm | The Daily Post

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