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I was working on a story for unpredictable but I did not have the drive last night to write it. Instead I sat slumped over on the couch eating pretzels with a disgusting horseradish and mustard dipping sauce instantly making me think how I will make my own sauce.  I had it once before but different brand and I really enjoyed it. Ok I’m getting off track should be writing about my Unpredictable Drive.

In my ride you never know what why I will go. My GPS hates me for it spends what too much time trying to turn me back to the path that was set. Buy freeways are slow and highway get old. It’s the back roads that I enjoy and really get excited when the black top goes away.

Stop at a crossroad is it left, right or straight ahead, checking each path wondering what I will see then I make a left and soon a right sometimes u-turns are feeling just right. Even have circled around and seen a few things twice. Then I may pause have a pop or a beer, once had fried everything from a shack over there. Depending on the state have seen turtles and tarantulas cross over the road. Yesterday was a baby duck who made his way across.

It’s just mini adventures that beats driving straight. On the long roads the deer usually are dead. But on the back roads some still show their spots. Trees cover the road and birds float over yonder. Strange things will be seen and cool sites are discovered, even the gas stations can bring new personality

It’s your choice if you want to ride along just know this drive is unpredictable and may last all day long. So don’t be in a rush and you might have to sing a song. Bring a camera you may get some great shots though it’s also unpredictable if I will stop.

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