As We Grow Frail | The Daily Post

Frail no longer as I Tootsie rolled my big ass down the aisle at work some think I’m crazy others enjoy the freedom I’m just happy to lose the limp.

But then I go to leave and my car seems a bit on the frail side engine light comes on as does a tail light warning light. Nothing new I have been ignoring them for months but does make me think about the frail budget that I may have to tap into to fix.

Oh that reminds me wife needs brakes on our monster mini van oh how frail my brain become budget frail, beer fridge is low. How can I do this I drink cheap beer already.

No really not a problem thing always come around work more make more but damn I like not working much 7 days this month and I think I may have extended my frail self to the working world.

Ahh it’s good to be king even if it’s a frail one.

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