Punishment Or Payback | The Daily Post

Is it punishment or payback? As my kids ransack the house like I used to do to my parents. Or fight over a toy that makes you wish you bought three more.

Was I that bad that this payback could be in a form of punishment or did Karma just go wrong?

In all in all life is great but sometime can be frustrating to find chalk in the lawn mower exhaust or puddles of swimming pool water transferred to the garage.

Heaven forbid you forgot to put it away and find it on the floor covered with food or colored upon. I could not have been this bad, sure I broke a few things and caused a little mischief but still my punishment seems a little extreme.

Loving life even if it don’t sound like it! And no that is not a cage for my kids yet they seem to love playing in the fire pit.

via Punishment | The Daily Post


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