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This week, create a post about something you’ve left behind. What is your existence like without it? What is its existence like without you? What does revisiting it make you feel? What does the future hold for it? Will you ever look back at it again?

Washington State, I left you behind even a second time. Yet I swore after the first I would never leave again. Then it happened and things did change moving around is a part of my brain. I said I need lots of water to live by. Though for sure I would never find a fresh water ocean with a house so cheap, that was it I packed up and left.

Often I think about you, tell stories about you crave the restaurants and stores I used to shop at. Hangout till the early hours of the morning and the long walks around town. Road trips and family events. But now you have a wheel that sits on the water front and I just can’t imagine being happy watching that hunk of junk spin around.

With all that being said I am here now and things are good. Work less and play more it was never like that before. I have established roots and don’t plan on sudden changes so seeing your land will be memories. I may fly in from time and time again but stays will always be too short but memories will be made.

If I was retired I may return but possible may have a beach house here and summer months I enjoy so much. Winter are tough I could see my self there but Thailand may be the place I go.

Nothings forever and nothing is for sure so someday you may become my home again. Till then I will miss the friends that I left behind and look forward to hanging out sometime.

via The Things We Leave Behind | The Daily Post


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