Some Kind Of Sanctuary | The Daily Post

My yard is a sanctuary but I am not sure that it’s for me. Bird feeders empty daily as the cardinals dance around the yard whenever I don’t have a camera in had. squirrels and chipmunks gather what seeds are left while always attempting new ways to crack open the feeders. rabbits come through at night usually taking the choice veg’s that they prefer. Moles like to leave their tunnels around as do the ant’s who seem to have taken over the property.

Of course they let me sit outside once in a while and put up with the kids playing. Even on a good day they will save a few vegetables from the garden. Can’t complain for it is usually quiet around that is till Pokemon showed up in the park near by. Now I watch people hunt with their phones looking undistracted and dead (Walking Dead). So I wonder what the critters think of the human race?

via Sanctuary | The Daily Post


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