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Stubborn as a mule!

Pretty much sums up my life. I will only do what I feel like doing unless of course my immediate family requires me to leave these boundaries. Of course the court systems have an amazing way of making me do things that I don’t want to after being caught doing things that I should not have.

Yes, courts we the reason I stay out of trouble nothing in life sucks more than dealing with a room full of opinionated people who think they are better than you. But this is beside the point of my stubborn behaviors.

I find my self stressing way to much if I am doing things that I would rather not, then thinking why am I doing this and usually trying to abort the situation and return to my simple meaningless life of having fun.

I believe that Red, the mule in the picture taught me about the importance of being stubborn. For he really only did what he wanted would never cross a creek for me unless he thought we were headed home.  Yet many of days I could sit on him in the high mountains and drink like a fish and he would walk just as smooth as silk.

I guess I figure if a good mule is smart enough to know what he wants to do and doesn’t want to do. Also smart enough to give in when the reward is worth it then why do I have to do things that I don’t like.

Of course at work I am the opposite I will help or do anything that is asked and yes there is a pay check involved. Makes sence right. I’m also a sucker for free cheap beer.

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