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Connections through blogging? Well I could say that I have none. But that would be no longer true. In fact I have a few blogs that I follow daily and participate in challenges. Others that seem to write my thoughts for me as if they read my mind. Some just for the shear adventure that they are living.

A few months shy of a year I broke my leg stuck on the couch and sick of tv I thought I would check out this WordPress site and write down my thoughts for I was going “F”ing crazy stuck in the house I needed an outlet for my mind and Facebook these days is a social joke. So I started writing keeping my post privet like I say it was just a release for me. Then I began to look at other sites and was inspired by the pictures and things that I read.

Soon my camera came back into my life I had plenty of time and really sat down studying the basic functions of it and found challenges that we intriguing enough to participate in. Mostly I was enjoying people enjoying each others work. Very different form the social media that I was starting to shut out of my life. Bloggers care and write it seems from the heart.

A few blogs have kept me motivated for reasons why I cannot explain. I have not maybe connected to a level that they know I exist but I have appreciated their exsistace for it drives me to continue.

These days I am not sure if I like writing more than pictures but I think constantly about my next post and what will the daily topic be. What picture will I add to a post or do I need to take more pictures to get a post. How do I fit in family work and life before my blog?

When I named this blog I felt I was sinking, stuck and trapped. Worried about income and future. As I continued to write I realized that everything works out. It always does, just depends on if you let it. So if I could think of 4 sites that inspired me or shall we say I have a connection with even if they don’t know it, they would be:

Cee’s Photography – Learning and teaching the art of composition.

lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown | Reflections on Life through poetry, essays and photos

Postcard from a Pigeon – Musings by Dermott Hayes, a writer
Insidethelifeofmoi – An eccentric blogger with a pen and a thousand ideas

Of course I actually have 5 but be damned if I can find the last one, and that is another thing is sometime even the great blogs disappear. Now if you’re not on the list it just means that I have not spent enough time on your page but I try to spend at least one hour a week looking at new site or keeping up with everyone’s post. As we all know blogging takes time and time is not always there. I even think about upgrading to a lap top so I can be more mobile with blogging. I do have a tablet but never been a fan of typing with one and it doesn’t always do what I want.

So there you have it my connections with the blogging world. Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “Connection | The Daily Post

  1. I share your sentiments! You put a lot of what I have been feeling into words. I too love how WordPress has motivated me, captivated me and enriched me with the words and photos of others. I feel kindred spirits here!

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  2. A surprise and an honor to be on your list, Ron. That’s what keeps me doing my blog. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do it because it is the thing I like doing best in life, but a big part of that is having folks like you reading and communicating back. Keep writing. The group in your photo looks like a fun and interesting group!

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