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Some points in my life have been lived with the feeling of luxury, and other times you could say fairly ghetto. Both sides had benefits that are hard to explain. Neither side is better than the other, yet one side is easier and it seem the other side is happier. I will let you choose what side you like.

Luxury for today was eating a garden fresh salad and preparing one for tomorrows lunch. Seems simple but not everyone gets the luxury of garden fresh. For this reason we give a lot of fresh grown produce to neighbors and friends.

Enjoy. Life is good!

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4 thoughts on “Luxury | The Daily Post

  1. Mmmmm to the fresh salad – mmmm to sharing – and mmm to life is good-
    And I do wonder more of what u felt about the luxury vs ghetto times – that line really grabbed me from the reader –
    And you know – we have had different phases – from luxury and nice padded days – to slimmer times – and then some dry days we call “dirt broke poor” – and those were rough (thankfully few) but funny is that during the abundant and luxury times I found I craved less materials – could buy bigger things – but felt more mindful of funds and conservative – funny how satiated we were – but contentment is the aim and it sounds like this is what you have – the rich vibrant colors in your image matched the richness of your words!

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    1. I always seem to find the best in life but enjoy anyone who wants to be equal rather than better. Of course you have to take care of the family but in my mentality I have to take care of anyone who wants to give back to the people around them. This doesn’t mean it has to be in a monetary fashion it just has to mean that you enjoy the strange and odd. This also does not mean you have to put your life in danger, but the world is not as dangerous as we are told it is. Now days I have kids to raise so Luxury is watching them progress and hope they make it.

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      1. I love that “give back to the people around them” – ahhh – so nice to read – and I agree
        – and it is hard for me to watch certain folks (of all ages) who have yet to develop empathy or love so selfishly – and here is the thing – it is so rewarding for the giver when we invest in others – if they only knew the intrinsic reward –

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