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Obsessed with Obsession? Not really but yeah, things can be scattered at tossed around but where they sit is their home. Locked in the brain for the next time to be shown. It maybe days it maybe years until I touch that thing again.

But don’t touch it or it will be gone from the memory bank that I left it in. Then I’m obsessed about touching the things that should have been left. How could you move them when they sat so nice, just were I left them incase you did not know.

Obsessed with the yard? No! Not really yet I mow it quite often and almost comb it when done but don’t think I’m obsessed when I still water during a rain storm, don’t feel it’s bad to fertilize again and again. To track a mole with water, smoke and poison, even purchase a cat in hopes he kills that.

Now I have this thing called blogging that may consume much of my time yet I don’t think I’m obsessed even though I can’t wait till 8 so I can write my daily post.

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