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Everything is so easy why make it complicated? You’re breathing what else matters? Often I find myself wondering why things become so complicated. Worrying about things that should not matter much but always seem to recur into complicated situations.

Situations that if you sat back and really though about would not really matter at all. For example running out of money should not be complicated actually it should be easier than you think. When the money is gone really all you need to think about is how you’re going to get food and water after that things will be as complicated as you make them.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Complicated | The Daily Post

  1. Yaaaa I like your style… One dsy, I am so opposite of this. I worry about every human being, who eating, who drinking clear water.

    Let’s talk, it’d a mess, but a break is coming I must rest my eyes and my bipolar mind. It’s real cool, think of a large X-mass tree and someone just threw the different colored light no order.
    That is my brain. Haas and I like it. All those lights are paths I can take.

    Well enjoy your night I am tiered

    Sweet dreams .


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