Driving Into the Typhoon

Up at the crack of dawn no traffic things are great. Even have a little extra time to take a few lighthouse picture that are off the route.

Whoops no GPS going off the grid that’s ok get the picture and back to the freeway. Keep moving I need to be in Chicago by noon. Also now I will have to take the express way because I know for sure how to get to the airport. Me being cheap about certain things though would prefer to take the freeways that are Free.

Ok light house picture taken I’m not satisfied with the picture but it’s going to have to do. The place was a little more out of the way than I though and a railroad bridge caught my interest so I took a few more pic’s. Whatever it’s a beautiful morning with the sun shining brightly as boats head out to the deep for some fishing.

Back in the car heading for Indiana when a few dark cloud start showing themselves in the sky. Might be in for a little rain I think to myself. From that point the sky just kept getting darker and darker until it seemed like night time outside. That is when it unleashed it’s furry upon us.

Not a sprinkle or a drizzle but a downpour that blinded everything. Ok I seen this before, crank windshield wipers to full tilt and look for a guiding line on the road pass the big trucks if possible.

At this point I am extremely proud that I did not have the GPS because I am almost alone on the toll road. That when I hear the sound of my windshield wipers working hard. I think to myself wow they’re really pounding. Then I notice that the driver side wiper is coming loose.

This is not the time to have a problem with windshield wiper as pulling over is not an option. Panic mode is slowly arriving to me. Thinking I better find a place to pull off and fix this but also need to be at the airport so I keep moving with hope that the little patch of blue sky in the distance will be the end of this typhoon like downpour.

With luck on my side the rain started to slow down and I could slow the wipers down but still the trucks were kicking up quite a spay and needed to return to using them. Ok I see Chicago it’s on easy street now when I notice the freeway was in gridlock status.

Finally after an hour and half of sitting in that I arrived at O’hare airport on what I thought was the late side of things but then I realized the time zone changed and I was early. Makes me wish I would have just taken the extra time to get the lighthouse picture that would have made me happy. Probably would have missed the rain and the traffic.

But what the heck I’m still breathing so it was all good.


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