Smoking For Profits

The year is 2000 and I am driving a 1998 3/4 ton Ford heading into Montana with 30,000 dollars in the glove box its time to stock up. I pull behind the Red Roost Smoke Shop and back right up to the loading doors. Quick knock on the door it opens I step inside and hand them 15,000 dollars. Roll up door opens and four guys load the bed of my truck full up to the top of the canopy with cigarettes without a tax stamp on them. In no time I peel out of there and start making my way back.

As I am driving the inside of my truck starts to look dirty to me. I am no longer satisfied feeling like I do not look good in this ride anymore. I need to look good, have to appear to be on top of the world. I mean shit I sell black market product not having the top of the line means I look like I am desperate and if you look desperate people want to start cutting deals.

At the next crossroad I turn north. Usually like clock work on this run I would go south but  I have an old acquaintance that owns a dealership just about an hour north of here. I arrive at the dealership about 1 hour before they are to open but my friend is there so he lets me in. On the showroom floor sat a beautiful blue Ford 3/4 ton I pointed at it and said I am here to buy it. The answer I got was that it was the new 2001 model and he just got it. He did not want to sell it yet because he wanted it for display. I had to have it though my mind was made up it even matched my canopy and I could not stand having the blue canopy on that gray truck. I peeled out 10,000 and handed it to him also said I would pay 5,000 over the cost. He bit at the deal his sales men took off the canopy and loaded my new truck. Of course I left a few cartons of cigarettes behind last thing I needed is for one of those degenerates to call the police about suspicious activity. Not that any coke head sales staff would but why take the chance.

Leaving the dealership I headed west out of town figured I would just take a different road home. See the country. I even stopped at a few bars that I knew people from. Definitely this was not my usual trip usually I leave and I am back the next day. Guess I just wanted to show off my truck.

Eventually I came back into my neck of the woods, on the opposite side but I just cut through the orchards to the back end of my property. All the horses were standing around the house when I pulled in so I parked the truck behind the neighbors barn and walked back to the house. Last thing I need is a bunch of horses leaning on my new rig. Once in the house I called Jake, knowing that he would be sleeping I just left a message saying that I was home.

I go into the kitchen and find some left overs that I nuke, as they are heating I pour myself a vodka and squirt. Right as I sit down to eat Jake comes barreling through the front door. He informs me that he left the horses around the house because a car crashed through the fence in the back 40 and he was not able to get it fixed yet. He told me that he put new shoes on the bay and rode her over here, then he says did you see that blue truck across the way. I tell him its mine and we begin celebrating for what reason who knows.

Jeff passes out in the guest room but I only got as far as the living room. I don’t know how long I slept but the next thing I know I am woke up by some prick in a black helmet and goggles pointing a gun at me. He was shouting something but it all blended together then I realized he was not alone and a bunch of these pricks were in my house. Wasn’t till they rolled me on the floor that I seen ATF on the back of their jackets. It was clear this was a raid. Soon they had Jake cuffed and laying next to me as they searched the premises. I could hear clearly now as they kept asking where the cigarettes were. I played dumb and kept saying back what cigarettes.

They said they had a video of me in Montana buying cigarettes I said they must be high. Then they brought in a lap top and plopped it on the coffee table in front of me. They played the video. Sure as shit it showed me standing there next to the truck as cartons were loaded in the back.

Jake’s mom and wife showed up soon after driving by on their way to work seen all the lights in the yard knowing Jake did not come home they naturally assumed he was at my house. The ATF was getting pissed for they could not find anything even the cigarettes that I had around were legal. I knew I was going to go downtown for questioning. I was pretty sure Jake was coming to. I looked at Jeff’s wife and said I know I can’t kick you away but mom’s don’t need to miss work so why don’t she take Jake’s rig and then your car will be here when you leave to get the kids.

She picked up the keys and gave them to Jake’s mom. Seeing the 2001 Blue Dodge written on the tag she could not miss what truck it was for and she promptly turned and walked out the front door walking over to the neighbor’s house and hopped into the truck and left for work. These ATF agent were so hell bent on finding they gray truck they never even though to check any other vehicle.

It must have been when I called Jake that tipped them off that I was home, can’t be for sure but what else would. They never found anything that day but I still had to go downtown to answer questions. I guess since Jake was not in the tapes they never did arrest him. As they were loading me up I gave him a little nod that only a true friend could understand. Hide My Truck! He did and as soon as I was let out he drove it to my front door. Empty of course.


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    Smoke is so interesting to me, I love to watch the smoke curl though the air but don’t like to sit in smoke or smell like smoke. I hate smoking so I guess I have a love hate relationship with smoke. With that being said though I still plan of working in a smoke photoshoot and will probably continue to write about smoke in my stories. But for now I am just reposting the last time I wrote about smoke. Smoke


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