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Just another morning we had to pick a few things up for the boat but we could not even do that without looking suspicious. After traffic died down we headed to the fishermen terminal to meet the Don.

Once we arrived at the docks instantly could see the Don’s Sixty Cadillac parked in the center of the lot. The Don himself sat in the driver seat in his red silk shirt sculls cap and sunglasses. As we approached the car I could see he was sitting there working his teeth over with a tooth pick.

Pulling up to the car I rolled down the window and we came up with a plan. I hopped out of the truck with my camera and big envelope with intentions to get in the back seat but notice that the rear driver side seat had a few things sitting on it. So I walked around the back and sat in the rear passenger side. Once in the car I handed the Don the envelope. He opened the envelope without saying anything I could tell he was satisfied with the contents.

My cousin drove the truck closer to the dock for a parking spot then walked back to the Cadillac in jeans, black hooded sweatshirt and dark sun glasses. Took a seat in the passenger seat. The Cadillac started up and we sped off.

Really nothing out of the ordinary but I wonder what the guy who sat in the car watching us thought about the whole thing.

via Daily Prompt: Witness


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