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How can this be positive? We could possible have cheating implanted into our brains and it must be ok. How could it not be? Our presidents cheat, corporations cheat steal and rob, athletes don’t Oh wait blood doping shit they do too. Priest have been known to do a few bad things too.

Not sure this is the topic we what to bring up but WordPress had to go there. Life is good and if you do the best you can to keep happy and remain positive than this might not happen. But if in chance it does well don’t feel alone because it seems everyone who preaches to us high values seems to cheat on a regular basis.

My opinion take it with salt.

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3 thoughts on “Cheat | The Daily Post

  1. I like that “take it with salt”. I think that I’m on the verge of joining that sort of mantra… The sort of “Let it be” enjoy what is mantra. On an ironic note, cheating is kind of like drinking from the salty water. The more you try to fill your cup, the more you need to fill your cup.

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