I Maybe My OwnVice | The Daily Post

Yes, it might be that I am my own vice. I have no turn off switch never know when to stop. That is of course related to having fun. If it’s not fun you can believe I will be leaving.

Habits are unlimited and I find myself laughing all the time. But hey I’m easy I enjoy watching the grass grow. That is if I have a cooler full of cold beer and my car won’t start. Otherwise I like to be out and about doing anything that is FUN!!!!!

So these day’s maybe I have slowed down a bit but I have fun watching the kids play and play and play. Laughing and playing that is what it’s all about.

Hopefully they never create a task force for retired thrill seekers that love to have fun. Or I will be blogging from behind bars.

Life is good, of course I always say that but I believe it too. On a serious side photography has become my main vice and I think that maybe the best thing for me.


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One thought on “I Maybe My OwnVice | The Daily Post

  1. I love hearing kids play as well. Reminds me of summer nights when I was little and had to come in earlier and go to be but could listen to the shouts of bigger kids in the playground across from my house..and dream of when I’d get to stay out after dark as well!


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