Eclipse | The Daily Post

Strange how this can be the subject for the daily post as I stood in my back yard on a dark moon night gazing at a few stars that were of course sending me signals of creative thoughts for future use.

I thought to myself how powerful the sky was to people for navigation, time and seasons. The I realize how sad it is that we are at a steady pace loosing our human survival skills to a so called reality  world. Yeah even the people who go on the survival show do it for money, which in the art of survival money is the only thing that you do not need.

To think back in the day a ship’s commander could navigate the world using stars, and the great ones already had good ideas when the moon and sun was going to eclipse. Now that is survival. I remember reading once that after being shipwrecked a captain told the natives of the island that he would make the sun disappear if they did not follow his command. Of course knowing that an eclipse was coming helped him greatly.

Could you imagine what people thought when the sky went black. Yeah I am sure they listened to him. I also believe that he got the natives to where something distinct when going into battle so they would only kill the enemy.

And now we are just happy that we can find Pokemon. Go figure!

via Eclipse | The Daily Post


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