The Art Of Not Paying Attention

IMG_1135So the neighbor handed me some bacon wrapped broilers and I just assume that they were beef tenderloins. Did not even bother to read the package or notice when I opened them up just ran out and fired up the grill, ran out of charcoal the previous weekend so it was a  gas grill day. No problem though had things to do needed to keep moving.

Figured I would grill these and have a nice glass of red wine to match with. I had just the bottle. Quick trip to the cellar (basement) I retrieved a nice bottle of Italian red, perfect for beef. Oh yeah this was going to be good. Popped open the wine to let it air out just a bit and notice the grill was plenty hot to start cooking.

Running out and popped the steaks on the grill. Grill was hot so I figured around 7 minutes on one side and 5 on the other to get the nice red center. Back in the house I poured a glass of wine and yes this would be great with good beef.

IMG_1141Ok 7 minutes are up lets give these a turn and get back in. Run out back and flip. What? Why white meat? Oh pork. Feeling a little stupid for not paying attention I quickly got my act together and realized that they were going to cook a bit longer. Back in the house I now have a good red wine that I was savoring for beef. But what the hell it’s open now so it’s going down.

Everything came out great and I really enjoyed the pork, just wish I paid more attention to detail sometimes. With that being said I hope I picked sweet basil today in the garden because it would be nice if my Pesto turns out correct.

Life is good.IMG_1143


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