Trying To Find Twinkle | The Daily Post

It’s the stench of stale beer that first come to me as I open my eye’s. Then I notice I am still in my work cloths and on the floor. Standing upright I remove the scum that has formed around my eye’s.

Room still blurred I stumble up the stairs for the bathroom. Quick relief and a gaze into the mirror only to see to bloodshot eyes returning the gaze. Mouth taste like the toilet and I’m sure my breath matches that.

The house is empty creating that somber tone. I want to leave but no car is around, walking is out of the question as the sun burns down. Humidity is terrible so relaxing out back won’t do.

Oh if it was only night I could lay out back and just stare upright. Maybe then I could see a little twinkle in the sky tonight.

via Twinkle | The Daily Post


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