3am Here and Now

That’s it it’s 3 am I should be working but it was slow so I took the night off to I guess sit here and blog. But there is more to it my foot is having one of its bad day must be going to rain.

I should just go to sleep but hate to change the schedule. I should be drinking but don’t feel like going to the garage to get a beer. Family is sleeping so I don’t want to wake them going in and out of the house.

So blogging it is here and now. This will be the third post that I have done tonight as  I sit slightly askew in my chair to a point that it seem uncomfortable but almost scared to move for I might just stop typing.

I bet a few people will read this and thing “Stop Typing”. I agree I probably should but I have to right about here and now.

It is funny that I look back and see how much I have done with blogging now just a few months shy of a year and I still keep going. I keep cameras close to me and always trying to think of new things to take picture of.

I appreciate the creativity of fellow bloggers and enjoy the adventure that you bring to my screen. I often look at Facebook and wonder where did it go wrong as far as being the most uncreative page very seldom can I find any good from it.

Well I guess here and now is past and go so I must move on. Sorry for the rant.

via Discover Challenge: Here and Now


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