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Funny thing when I seen that passionate was our prompt for the day. Right off the bat I think to myself well I’m not that passionate about anything so I might just have to skip this one. But then I was thinking about eating and using things from my garden then it dawned on me that I am passionate about both of these things.

Wanted to grill some carrots and bacon then serve over tomatoes and basil with some Stilton cheese. The market where I buy most of my meat from burned so I have not been eating a lot of meat right now. Another thing that I am passionate about as I love to make my own sausage and bacon. Also am planning on dry curing this winter.

I even have trouble going to restaurants for I feel I can create something better and with more heart in it than most restaurants can serve or for that matter what I can afford. Usually if I do go out it is to meet up with friends and have a few drinks, possibly an appetizer

Then of course there is the camera, even though I let it sit for many years I find myself with a renewed passion to photograph everything, even plan my trips around photo opts.

Music yes that has also been a big part of my life, I love all kinds of music and use it to motivate me. But music is only passion to my ears for I never took the time to learn it properly.

Last but not least WordPress had become a passion in my life and a renewed energy to promote creating. Yes, creating another passionate thing in my life.

So there you have it. I’m passionate. Maybe I’m just a big teddy bear. Probably not though I still bite and don’t play nice

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