Day One: “Home” — Get Oriented

When you think of home, what do you imagine? You might picture a house from your past, your favorite neighborhood hangout, or a city you miss. And while home is often found on a map, it can also be less tangible: a loved one, a state of mind, a forgotten time.

What does home look like to you? Share an image in a new post.img_1202

So I figured I would try a class and well I am behind but for the first lesson what is home. Where ever I lay my hat is home plain and simple.

One thought on “Day One: “Home” — Get Oriented

  1. The one place i always think of as home is where my Grandparents used to live. They sold it but that is still home in my mind. I mentioned it in my post ‘lights,sounds and memories’. But just like they say, home is where the heart is. So the homes where I live with my husband and where my parents live are my homes too.

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