Battle Wounds and Laughter

Most of the neighbors around us did not own a phone (this was before cell phones were created) so we would have to get in the car or ride a horse over to say what we had to say. If that seemed like to much effort we could send it in the mail or possibly give smoke signals a go with never any success.

So we hopped in my truck and took off but instead taking the quick route be threw in a few beers and headed out through the back pasture across the meadow ( a place that has been sold to the tourist ranchers and there 5 to 20 acer lots) going thought the old homestead. Taking this route we figured if there was a deer we could shoot it.

Sure enough as we drive through a big buck is sitting up on the hillside looking down at us. I grab the gun and rest it on the mirror then sink into the seat to angle up the hillside. My partner reaches over and turns the truck off. Once I get the buck in my scope all I can see is horns and a case of buck fever runs through me. Slow and steady I think as I get my breath under control and squeeze the trigger. Boom

As the dust clears I see no trace of a big buck lying on the ground my heart pumping I jump out of the truck and run up the hill about half way up I cant see much becasue a dark liquid is filling my eyes. I use my sleave to wipe my eyes and notice all the blood. When I pulled the trigger I was at such an angle that the scope split my forhead open and I never noticed it until I was about half way up the hill.

Turns out I missed that big buck never adjusted for the uphill shot and I could see where the bullit hit the dirt infront of where he laid. Never the less my partner had a good laugh at the goudge in my head. Even to this day I can still see the scar.

We made it to the neighbors house and I patched my head up. I can’t remember what we said I cut it on but you can believe it was not what really happened. I am pretty sure we took the same way home just hoping that deer would return or it might have been to finsih the beer before getting home. Either way it was always good living alone in the country where the thought of seeing someone else never really crossed your mind.


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