Non Profit Gamblin

That’s right my friends gambling. I love gambling I would bet on ants crossing the road if I could find someone to participate with. I current state of the sport is non existent these days for a few reasons.

First reason would be family I prefer to spend my money on the family. Second reason is I no longer live in Nevada. If I am going to gamble it will be in a state that gives you free drinks. You could say that the drinks are not free because you loose money gambling. I would say yes you are right but I am not paying for them when they arrive to me. Not to mention the free dinner and rooms that can be made possible with little effort.

I know that gambling is a loosing cause. I understand that the money I have spent gambling helped build that beautiful fountain out in front of the casino. None of that matters to me because when I do decide to spend money whether its on slots, craps, video poker, blackjack, poker, keno or just sports betting I don’t plan on winning. I am entertaining myself on the fact that I am loosing.

So this is why I prefer to Gamble in Nevada. Tip the bartender and you will never run dry of drinks. This also means that you should be playing the machines at the bar. And for heaven sake if you do win at the bar tip your bartender his cut of the pot not only will you not run out of drinks you will be getting the high end stuff.

Few things that I seen that makes me limit myself to gambling first comes from nobody is honest about loosing they will tell you how much they won and only have a half used stick of butter in their fridge. Or I have been on planes that have had to return to the airport because a couple fought over loosing money and in the heat of the moment threatened to kill everyone on the plane. Seeing people leave work on their lunch break on payday only to return in a half hour flat broke and crying.

Yet on the boring days I still find myself flipping cards for blackjack trying to keep the rules of the game warm in my mind. Do I plan on playing anytime soon? No but you never know when you end up in a game.

Basically I am writing this just to clear my conscience about any gambling story that I may write in the future.


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