Not So One Stop Shopping

I know that it is convenient but at the same time you limit yourself to certain styles or brands. I myself prefer the smaller stores or specialty markets. As I often do get lost in the meat markets.

Of course you may find things are pricey but for me the enjoyment is far more. I don’t stock up but just buy a little and savor the flavor.

When I do have to go to the commercial chain store I tend to buy the things that are cheaper like beer but stay away from the meat departments for just a few glances and I do not feel satisfied by what I see.

Meat shops put a presentation in the meats that makes my brain start to cook and taste what I think I see. Then I buy things and try to make the flavor in my head.

My usual shop caught of fire so while it rebuilds I have enjoyed trying new places. Each have their unique style and flavor creating more ideas to savor. From bakery to butchers to mom and pop shops with small deli in the back, ethnic and cultures bring out so much more.

Just a few of my finding from local places in a few different states that I have lived.



2 thoughts on “Not So One Stop Shopping

  1. Well….I looked at your home page and skipped several posts to go straight to the food.
    I require Fricanos goat cheese pizza.

    And Durian…I cannot decide if it is tasty or vile…and so I keep eating.

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