Smoking For Profits

Smoke is so interesting to me, I love to watch the smoke curl though the air but don’t like to sit in smoke or smell like smoke. I hate smoking so I guess I have a love hate relationship with smoke. With that being said though I still plan of working in a smoke photoshoot and will probably continue to write about smoke in my stories. But for now I am just reposting the last time I wrote about smoke. Smoke

Progressing into Solitude

The year is 2000 and I am driving a 1998 3/4 ton Ford heading into Montana with 30,000 dollars in the glove box its time to stock up. I pull behind the Red Roost Smoke Shop and back right up to the loading doors. Quick knock on the door it opens I step inside and hand them 15,000 dollars. Roll up door opens and four guys load the bed of my truck full up to the top of the canopy with cigarettes without a tax stamp on them. In no time I peel out of there and start making my way back.

As I am driving the inside of my truck starts to look dirty to me. I am no longer satisfied feeling like I do not look good in this ride anymore. I need to look good, have to appear to be on top of the world. I mean shit I sell…

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One thought on “Smoking For Profits

  1. This reminds me of one of my buddy’s weddings. He bought cigars, and the photographer wanted us all to kneel/crouch down around him and puff a cloud of smoke behind him. One guy was joking it took the photographer so long to get the shot he wanted that he probably has cancer now.

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