Flâneur | The Daily Post

So calm that its busy, as the sun rises to decide our fate, the smell of morning I start to taste. Coffee beans and flour mixed with city steam. There’s a chill that makes me want to sit but yet I press on. But the rumble inside is thinking eggs over easy, slice of bacon mixed with a Mary.

Soon it will be light I need not to be seen while the cars start to fight in between traffic lights. Horns will honk and breaks will scream like its mad chaos in your dreams. The time will be tense, anger will grow then it will set to a parking stall.

Not my thing, for I don’t play. Working nights just to stay away. But as I move this city grooves making sounds of night. Relaxed for most, yet intoxicated for some, its danger for others as not all will come.

via Flâneur | The Daily Post



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