Choosing To Live

It’s not often that you see a deer running around these day, yet as much as I did not want to, I had to kill it. I was hungry it’s been a few days since the last meal. I have no problem hunting but with things getting scarce I would love to see the deer live and reproduce to an abundant food supply.

What’s the use though Zombies everywhere running day and night just trying to stay alive.  that is what makes this deer so important I will get the food I need to fight another day. Glad I was taught how to hunt and deal with the meat. Watched a lot of regular people suffer to get their meals these days. Not to mention we have become a member of the food chain.

It’s to bad that the computer age took over. People got week survival became a game that you could make money from. Now people are eating each other and I am not sure if every one of them is a zombie.

It’s sad to see creatures carrying around lap tops trying to find a signal, taking countless pictures of themself hoping they will be sent out so someone else can judge their actions. Not only that those electronic devices don’t burn good and are blunt, which makes them very useless in the art of survival.

Not really sure where everything went wrong but it seems to me that the Pokemon game lurid people to the machines where they were injected with some brain melting stuff. The only people who were left was the ones that were too cheap to upgrade their phone so they could download the app or people who did not have a phone at all. Not many that is for sure.


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